Monday 24 July 2017

Summer Holidays Diary Day 8- 'demand avoidance'

Day 8-

We're having a demand avoidance day today.

Despite only having on his timetable - 'a walk in the woods with the dogs' (which you would think wasn't much of a demand at all) but all seems to be a bit too much for him today for some reason.

So, He's going nowhere today despite all our best efforts to encourage and bribe him out! We've had hour after hour of refusal and repetitive language/hyperactivity so we have given up!

This can be a contentious issue for some families I know, with parents feeling the pressure from friends and family to force their kids to do stuff. It's hard balancing the needs of the rest of the family with the needs of a demand avoidant child. It puts incredible pressure on everyone. And parents can often be judged as giving in, letting the child take control or not giving their child discipline. But believe me it's no where near that simple. So we shouldn't be quick to judge. No one has the right to pass judgement.

It's something we have battled with for years now, knowing how far to push him and when to accept that he simply needs some time to reset his system.

Is it giving in? I don't think so. I have to respect his needs and understand that hidden pressures can take its toll on him and his behaviour is telling me that something is wrong.

So....I'm catching up with the mountain of laundry that's accumulating in the laundry basket! 👕👖👗👚

And we will try again tomorrow after he's had a day to chill.

Mrs M

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