Monday 17 July 2017

Sumer Holidays Diary 1- let the fun begin'

Hi folks
So for us it's day 1 of the long summer holidays!
And I was thinking that this year I would try and share a snapshot of each day with you all either with a photo or if I'm brave enough a Live video on Facebook (eek).
The summer holidays can be hard for families like ours; lack of structure and routine, filling the days on a budget, meeting the needs of siblings and staying sane in the process!
This is the hardest time of year for me without fail! So I wanted to share the ups and downs of our family summer 'warts and all!'

So Here goes... 

Day 1
Today it's just me and my 'not so little any more man' (really need a new pet name for him now he's not little any more )
The sun is shining, my cupboards are empty and what I really need to do is go food shopping but I ain't even gonna attempt that today! So instead we're at the airport plane spotting as per timetable dictates.
Now when we arrived it was far busier than normal, it's a secret spot that only real plane fanatics know about! And today It took about ten mins to persuade him to come out from behind the bush as there were fellow plane spotters in his patch.... but he did it! The lure of the planes was enough today to make him stand at the back of the field behind everyone else!
So for me it's feet up for an hour, sorting out my page and messages, while he does his thing taking pics of all the planes!
I would love to see what you're up to this summer so please feel free to share your pics and stories in the comments on Facebook and we will get through this summer together 

Mrs M x

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