Wednesday 19 July 2017

Summer Holidays Diary Day 3- 'food'

Day 3-
Today has been a day spent at home, he woke up with a headache and my daughter was off school poorly too. I have also been looking after my niece for the last few Wednesday's and today was her last day here at home with us.
My son finds small children difficult to navigate so he tended to stay out of her way all day today preferring the safety and comfort of his room.

I assume it's the unpredictability of what little peeps will do next or say to him, the noises they make and the speed at which toddlers move around that fills him with anxiety?

Breakfast, lunch and dinner somedays for my son consists of potato with cheese which is currently his 'go to' meal. It's one of the better food fads we have had I must say  ice pops and McDonald's spring to mind) and quite frankly I will go with whatever he wants just to ensure he's eating something!

So I have a well stocked freezer of quick jacket potatoes that I can throw in and cook in a few minutes, as his need for meals to be served bang on 7.30am/ 12pm/ 5pm/ and 10pm still catch me out sometimes when I have a to do list as long as my arm! ( I have actually now set myself a reminder alarm ten mins before each mealtime to remind me to get cooking!)

Mrs M x

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