Monday 5 December 2016

December 5th- Parties/ School Events

Consider which activities at school are appropriate or not, and if necessary find alternative activities.
Use a daily calendar at school explaining all the changes to the timetable to reduce anxiety.
Allow for some flexibility as things change, provide a busy box for these times
Use ear defenders/visuals where needed for parties to help your child access the activities, and don’t force them to participate if they feel uncomfortable let them set the pace.
Write down what will be expected at parties e.g.- how to play pass the parcel/ timings of activities/ who will be there/ rules of games etc.
Consider keeping things at school as calm as possible. Maybe an area with no decorations would help.
Don’t feel like you have to stay at parties the whole time, its OK to make your excuses and leave if needs be.
Sometimes giving a child a camera can help them if they are taking the photos instead of having to join in, or a kit bag with sensory toys in can also help so you're prepared  for any possibility.
Let them take and eat their own food to reduce the pressure.

Don’t force children to participate in concerts/ productions  if they are becoming distressed, its a huge ask at this time of year just to get through the day . Consider other jobs they could do like the lighting/ brochures/ music/ IT etc. … more behind the scenes but still very much an important part of the process.

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