Tuesday 13 December 2016

Advent Survival Calender cont; Short-cuts, Christmas Food and a giggle!


(Advent Survival Calendar December 11th/ 12th/ 13th )

Don't stress about Christmas Cards… people will understand

Get gifts wrapped in store or use gift bags
Buy cakes for cake sale day at school if you don’t have time
Pace yourself, use the time when the kids are at school to get organised, and look after yourself too
Learn to say NO… if your too busy its OK to say NO. December is busy for everyone and you cant be in a million places at once
Cheat.. Use ready prepped veg/ pre baked deserts etc. No one will know the difference
Get family presents like a board game as a gift instead of individual presents for each family member

For teachers gifts don’t worry about getting them all a present. Get some tea/ coffee and some nice staff room treats for the whole staffroom...trust me it will be much appreciated 

Time for a giggle ...

Credit; Connors Chronicles


Buffets can work well instead of formal sit down meals, they can be more relaxed and be far  less stressful
Allow your child to choose what they want to eat on Christmas Day, it doesn't have to be what everyone else is eating
Consider having  a table just for the kids on Christmas Day
Be prepared everywhere you go, take food you know your child will eat
If you're eating at someone else's house, set a time that you will arrive so they can be prepared. This avoids your child having to wait around to eat which can lead to stress
Some kids don’t like eating at the table with others as it lead to sensory overload, so consider this when arranging seats
Give your child a role they may like to do at the Christmas table, maybe clearing away the crackers, telling the jokes, or putting the wrapping paper in the bin etc.  

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