Friday 2 December 2016

2nd December - Expectations

Accept that your Christmas will look a bit different to everyone else's.. And that’s OK!

You may only manage short visits to family and friends, they will understand just warn them in advance.
Be prepared for things to become a bit unsettled. School is all different too and this can be tricky for kids to cope with. So accept that December will be wobbly for all of you.... and roll with it.
Don’t worry if your child doesn’t want to join in with all the fuss.
It's OK if your child doesn’t want to open their presents in front of everyone, let them set the pace.
Make sure you plan lots of chill time.
Don’t worry if your child goes back to their old toys and seems ungrateful They are just struggling to take it all in. Introduce toys slowly one by one.
Make life as easy for yourself as possible eg- At the school fair if you don’t have time to bake... don’t worry, you're not alone.. just send in bought cakes and don’t stress.
Send a Facebook message to everyone saying  that you're not doing Christmas cards this year as its such a  massive job to undertake, and make a charity donation instead.
Don’t let other people pressure you or your child to join in.. This is your life...your child… and you need to be in control.
Celebrate the uniqueness of your family and enjoy the moment without worrying about what your missing out on.
Remember no one's Christmas is perfect so relax, go with the flow and be happy to think outside the box.

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