Sunday 4 December 2016

December 4th- Visitors and Family


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Make sure you timetable visits from others to your house and don’t put too much pressure on your child to socialise. A house full can be very overwhelming.
Ask people to call you before popping around so you can prepare your child.
Avoid big family gatherings if they are difficult, and offer a safe quiet space if you do find yourself at a big ‘do. 
Maybe have people visit in smaller groups over the weeks rather than all together on the same day.
If visiting others houses ensure your child knows where they can go to retreat, and take familiar items with them such as own PlayStation, iPad, sensory bag of goodies etc. And arrive early as it will be quieter then and they can settle before others arrive. 
Give your child an idea of how long you plan on being there and try and stick to it.
Let your child join in with what they are comfortable with and opt out when they want with no fuss. 
Buffets can work well when family visit instead of family meals then there is less pressure on everyone involved. It removes the formal stress at the table, and helps with food issues as you can cater for everyone at the buffet.... and people can eat when they want to including your child.

Don’t get stressed if your child doesn't want to socialise or is abrupt with people. Family should understand and not take things personally, and if they don’t get it … well a little Autism Awareness was obviously needed anyway so don’t sweat it.

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