Wednesday 2 August 2017

Summer Holidays Diary Day 11- 'out of his comfort zone'

Day 11

Today we pushed him a little out of his comfort zone and took him to a car park roof top at the airport. It's so hard seeing him so conflicted when he really wants to do something but his anxiety about the new experience puts him off.

We have to time these things well, make sure he had a restful day the day before, ensure he's prepped for what will happen and find the hook that grabs his interest enough to make him want to do it.

He found it hard and struggled to get out of the car but eventually he could see that he was very close to the action and tolerated the other people that were there in order to get a good shot on his camera.

Now we're off to McDonald's to get him some chips and he's sat scrolling through his images one happy little lad.

Mrs M

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