Wednesday 2 August 2017

Summer Holidays Diary Day 14- 'Clothes'

Day 14

My son only has one blue hoodie, one orange ape shirt and one pair of grey joggers that he's comfortable wearing (you will have seen them in each pic I take of him) but as you can imagine it's hard keeping them clean especially in the school holidays when it's all he will wear during the day, and he's also outgrowing them rapidly being 13 and growing taller every day!

So today I made the most of daddy being at home with a hangover  and went shopping with my daughters leaving the boys at home. I went on the hunt for replica/ similar clothes and it's gonna be trial and error I think until we can find something he's comfortable in! So far he's not impressed with the selection I came home with today don't think I got the shades of blue and grey quite right 
Mrs M

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