Saturday 2 January 2016

Why I write

My children are my world
My love for them is endless

They make me so proud
And inspire me everyday 

But the world we live in can be so cruel
And some people just don't understand 

So I wrote about
Our ups and downs

Our laughter, our worries, and our joy
In the hope that it will touch others

Others like us
So they know they’re not alone in this

Because it can be so confusing
And maybe, just maybe

Someone who may have judged us before may stop and think to themselves
Ahh now I understand

That we are just a normal family doing our best to muddle through
That I am just a mum doing my best for my kids

And that my son lives in a world that can be so unforgiving and harsh
So I share our story

In the hope that people will view the world through our eyes
And feel the unconditional love form a mother to her son with each word I write

And if it touches even one person in this world

Then to me, it’s all been worthwhile.

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