Tuesday 26 May 2015

Welcome to a Slice of Autism

After years of contemplating doing this I have finally decided to give this blog thing a go as way of celebrating our lives and making some sense of it all, also for anyone that's interested in hearing more about my crazy life or hearing what its like for families like ours I hope it will be of some insight.

So a little bit about me to start......Well I have three fabulous kids and a sports mad husband (a passion that sadly I don't share). Our son was diagnosed with High Functioning Autism last year after a 4 year waiting list! Despite the shock, the overriding emotion we felt was that of relief as we actually had an explanation for our slightly dysfunctional family...anyway I will save that for another day!

Through life's ups and downs I have struggled to find my own way to deal with the wonderful insanity that Autism throws my way, and I still do to be honest. But a couple of years ago I discovered a love for baking of all things. And now when I am whippin' up a Victoria sponge my mind begins to drift away to another world of eggs and flour, icing sugar and chopped nuts..... and away for IEP's and schedules, routines and melatonin (if only for 20 minutes while my cake is rising in the oven!!)

So this little 'ere blog.... I hope will reflect my life, even just a little slice of it, warts and all as its not always a successful story, sometimes I sink in the middle, or rise to quickly and can explode in the heat of it all. But I pick myself up eventually and with patience I have another go, and sometimes ...just sometimes  it turns out blumin amazing! .......

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