Tuesday 19 April 2016


Girls and autism

I often get messages from mums wanting any information I may have about girls and autism. So I have pulled together some useful links to support groups/ books/ videos and resources here in this blog.

Useful books

Parenting girls on the spectrum             
Girls under the umbrella...
There are many useful books that can be found to help you navigate the minefield of advice. Here are a small selection, please do let me know if you have found a really insightful book and I will add it.


(This channel has many topics that are worth watching relating to most aspects of autism).


                                                             Autism in pink documentary

                                                                   Tony Attwood

My story CBBC

Girls with autism ITV

Useful resources

Social media / blogs to follow 

Autistic females .com

Carly's Voice

(Autism acceptance month A-Z)

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