Sunday 7 June 2015

From a nannas perspective .......

I asked my mum how she would feel about contributing to this blog, as having a child with Autism impacts the whole family.
This is written by her and she means the world to me.
She is always there for me, he may not be able to say the words but I can... Mum I love you xx

Harry Potter means I love you......(Autism from a Nanna's perspective)

“Harry Potter” means  l love you.
To me that is the most wonderful expression of affection l could ever wish for from my grandson.
If l don’t get anything else, then so be it.

Watching my daughter struggle with her son on a daily basis was very difficult, still is sometimes.
As a mother your instinct is to protect and seeing her being punched, kicked and swore at  was one of the hardest things l had to learn to cope with.
My grandson is very special and he needs that extra care and understanding.

You see, it has taken me a very, very long time to accept my grandson for who he is and not what l think he should be or how l think he should behave.
But, as a nana l wonder if l am doing enough to help, am l doing it right. I attended classes to understand more and it really   helped me to understand. But at times l still get the overwhelming feeling of helplessness. If l feel like that then how does my daughter cope.

A mothers love holds no bars. Just like my daughter l want to protect and provide.
Having a child with Autism effects all the family, sibling, husbands and grandparents. But, by making little steps, listening to each other, accepting help and advice along the way then there is a light at the end of the tunnel believe me. You can do it together as a family.

A few days ago my grandson attended his new school, a very traumatic day.  My daughter needed a “mummy” cuddle and a shoulder to cry on. If that’s all l can do for her and without judgement, then l accept the challenge with open arms.
Now on his 3rd day, no tears what a result. Let us see what tomorrow brings. 

I have gladly become a “buffer” but more than that l have become a supportive and understanding nana, and l love it.
I have a very positive relationship now with my grandson. He will come to my house ( but nobody elses ) and we have a rapor that l didn’t dare hope for before.
I text him every day….. I love you my ray of sunshine.. He replies… Harry Potter nana.
That will do very nicely Thankyou. 

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